• The New A236

    High Performance Milling / Turning Machine
  • The New A236

    High Performance Milling / Turning Machine
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A236 Series Performance Series

A236 CB Axis


Since 1966, C.B. Ferrari, has been an active part of the Italian Machine Tool industry producing 5 & 6 Axis machines, automated systems, turnkey milling and laser solutions. These machines are used worldwide by the most advanced high–tech manufacturing companies in the machining industry.

The machine tool industry is increasingly geared towards state-of-the-art technology in today’s digital and interconnected industrial world. In response to these trends, C.B. Ferrari is proud to present the newly redesigned A236. The A236 is a high-precision, high-productivity, high-stability, multifunction machining center with a turning option. The A236 is able to fit into a manufacturing environment both from the point of view of production and of the ability to interconnect with other factory systems. The A236 machine center’s design is perfect for producing small-medium turbine blades from a range of materials like steel, titanium, and super alloys. In addition, the A236 excels in the production of impellers, blisks, parts for the medical sector, parts for watch making, cams, special tool bodies, and other types of complex parts.

The A236 machine has been completely redesigned by listening to the specific needs and concerns of C.B. Ferrari customers and in accordance to the principles of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. These principles reimagine an automated and interconnected industrial environment where advanced numerical controls and robots manage production processes and data. The A236 uses the new SIEMENS SINUMERIK ONE numerical control where, thanks to the digital twin of the machine, all the programming and a complete simulation of operation can be done on a PC, without having the machining center physically available. This allows innumerable advantages both in terms of diagnostic speed and service.


A236 Features

X Axis Travel                                        1220 mm  [48.00 inches]

Y Axis Travel                                          310 mm  [12.20 inches]

Z Axis Travel                                          465 mm  [18.31 inches]

U Axis Travel                                          500 mm [18.30 inches]

A1/  A2 Dividing Unit Axis                       N = 360°

B1 Dividing Unit Axis                              -15° to +90°

B2 Rotary Axis                                       + / -  90°

Spindle                                                  124 Nm – 16,000 rpm HSK-A63


Maximum Workload

Length:                                                  500 mm  [18.30 inches]

Diameter:                                              450 mm  [17.72 inches]

Weight:                                                 300 kg  [660 lbs.]





Being an active part in the aviation industry we provide state of the art technology and advanced machining solutions.


We developed a large range of machines with the intent of processing various types and sizes blades and vanes.


Our original industry, C.B. Ferrari constantly innovates and holds the bar to the highest standards.

Precision Components

With our overall experience spanning all fields, C.B. Ferrari is the perfect machine for all fields requiring high accuracy and
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About us

C.B. Ferrari machines are utilized by the world’s most advanced manufacturing companies for highly complex and precise component machining.  With over 4500 machines servicing the aerospace, energy, mold and precision machining industries, C.B Ferrari is a proven technological leader with its 5 axis milling and laser machines.