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A Series

A vertical machining center, with its synchronized axis, is the ideal machine for the tooling and turbine blade industry. Read More

GT Series

This vertical machining center, with an optional 20,000RPM spindle and 4 or 5 axis configurations, is the ideal mold machine. Read More

D Series

This vertical gantry style machine is perfect for all oversize complex 4-5 axis needs. Read More

M Series

These direct drive 5 axis machines have a small footprint that will fit great in any shop! Read More

N Series

These machines are among the biggest in its class and enables you produce a turbine blade up to 90” long! Read More

Laser Series

This class 1 laser system is good for marking, engraving, cutting and drilling on a simple to complex level. Read More
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    C.B. Ferrari incorporates Linear and Direct Drive technolgy

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C.B. Ferrari Model N530

Dynamic Blade Machining with X axis travels up to 3000 mm and Y axis travels up to 820 mm

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News: ML45 Blisk Machining


 Since 1966, C.B.Ferrari, has been an active part of the Italian Machine Tool industry producing 5 & 6 Axis machines, automated systems, turnkey milling and laser solutions, widely used by the world’s most advanced high–tech manufacturing companies for machining.

C.B.Ferrari has over 25 years of experience in providing advanced solutions to aerospace customers and is currently supporting the aviation industry worldwide with state of the art technology. The quality of C.B.Ferrari products is recognized by top level aerospace OEMs and their subcontractors around the world, involving complex aero-engine components including fan, compressor and turbine blades and vanes, blisks, diffusers and combustion chamber components.

Due to extensive knowledge in this area, C.B. Ferrari has developed a new 5-Axis machining process for blisks based on High-Feed Milling (HFM). During HFM the majority of the cutting forces are directed back towards the spindle, parallel to the cutting tool, with only a small amount of force acting perpendicularly. Directing the cutting forces axially, into the spindle column of the machine provides the greatest stability, and allows HFM to be particularly effective for processing long deep cavities, that are required for blisk manufacturing.

Additionally, HFM allows for greater accuracy to the near-net shape utilizing smaller step downs at high feeds, thus reducing large scallops. This makes the finishing process significantly more efficient.

ML45, 5-Axis full direct-drive portal machining center specifically designed for achieving extremely high surface quality and processing efficiency. The process has been developed using our TS85 software, a sophisticated CAM dedicated to complex 5-Axis airfoil machining and used primarily for turbine component manufacturing applications.

The ML45 machine layout includes a vertical 18/23Nm, 28.000Rpm HSK-E40 spindle and a two-axes direct drive rotary-tilting table, which make it suitable for the HFM processing of titanium blisks up to 250mm in diameter. The wear-less direct-drive technology allows for remarkable reliability, especially for milling processes, which involve only a limited machine working area such as blisks.

The ML45 design allows for a perfect chip evacuation and an easy automatic part loading/unloading integration. From simple work piece pallet changers up to complex Industry 4.0 compliant flexible manufacturing cells making this machine perfect for high production contexts.

Due in part to new-dedicated algorithms introduced in our TS85 and the dynamic performance of our ML45, we are able to supply a unique foundation for responsive high-feed cutting. This achieves remarkable tool life, along with an overall blisk machining time reduction.

ML45 Data

X-Y-Z                                                                          320mm

B (Tilting)                                                                   +135°/-100°

C (Rotary)                                                                  360°

Rapid Traverse                                                          60m/min

Spindle:                                                                      18/23Nm - 28.000Rpm - HSK-E40

Max. Workpiece Size:                                                D=280mm, H=200mm

Max. Payload:                                                            30kg

ATC Capacity:                                                             56T


Blisk Data

Material:                                                                  Ti6Al4v

Raw Part dimension:                                             D=176mm, H=46mm

Finished Hub dimension:                                     D=145mm, d=115mm, H=46mm

Number of Blades:                                                16




Being an active part in the aviation industry we provide state of the art technology and advanced machining solutions.


We developed a large range of machines with the intent of processing various types and sizes blades and vanes.


Our original industry, C.B. Ferrari constantly innovates and holds the bar to the highest standards.

Precision Components

With our overall experience spanning all fields, C.B. Ferrari is the perfect machine for all fields requiring high accuracy and
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About us

C.B. Ferrari machines are utilized by the world’s most advanced manufacturing companies for highly complex and precise component machining.  With over 4500 machines servicing the aerospace, energy, mold and precision machining industries, C.B Ferrari is a proven technological leader with its 5 axis milling and laser machines.

Contact Information

     C.B. Ferrari Inc.
     22179 N. Pepper Road
         Lake Barrington, IL 60010-2357
      +1 (847) 756-4100
     Mo-Fr: 8.00am - 5.00pm CST