C.B. Ferrari History


C.B. Ferrari s.a.s was established in September of 1966 by Mr. Augusto Caravati, Mr.  Renato Bianchi, and Mr. Giuseppe Ferrari.  Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Ferrari are considered to be the technical founders of the company while Mr. Caravati duties were primarily financial.


Machine production and sales began in late 1966 with the introduction of the “M” Series machine.  The “M” series was a small standard 3 axes machine equipped with DC motors. 


Since that time C.B. Ferrari has sold over 4200 machines world wide and has grown into a 190 person corporation with 2 manufacturing facilities in Mornago and Modena.

1966 Introduction M series 3 Axes milling machine with C.B. Ferrari D.C. Drives and Motors 
1973 Majority of machines produced with CNC Controls
1977 C.B. Ferrari moves into its new larger headquarters 
1978 2 Axes rotary table introduced
1985 First European Dual PC based CNC control introduced
1990 First high speed machines introduced with 3rd party electrospindles
1992 C.B. Ferrari produces its own electrospindle
1992 C.B. Ferrari acquires “Elexa”  a CNC control company
1993 Blade milling software introduced
1995 1st 5 Axes digital drive machine in Italy introduced
1998 Introduction of the Automatic Backlash Elimination system
2001 3 Axis linear motor machine developed
2002 Torque motor dividing head introduced
2003 5 Axes linear drive and torque motor machine introduced
2005 5 Axes laser engraving machine 
2006 ML45 5 Axes linear/torque motor machine
2007 N516 5 Axes highly dynamic machine for blades
2008 Stress and Twist Relief system patented and introduced
2009 XFN Super Finishing program Introduced


4200 CNC Machines




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