Case Study: Finished Blade Machining 


Material:Stainless Steel
Overall Blade Length:17 in (432 mm)
Blade Chord: 7 in (178 mm)




Cutting Data
Step Over: 0.160 in (4 mm)
Feed Rate: 187 ipm (4.7 mpm)
Spindle Speed: 3820 rpm

Surface Finish (Ra)
Finish Axial: 58 in (1.5 m)
Finish Chord: 110 in (2.8 m)

Cutting Time Without XFN21 Minutes
Cutting Time With XFN 11 Minutes

48% Time Savings!


Standard Spiral Machining Practice

Standard spiral machining practices leave scallops that require polishing which can distort the edges


XFN Super Finishing Program

The XFN program finishes the edges so that polishing is no longer required


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