October 5-9 2010
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See the MCL 85 Linear
Blisk Machining


The N516 has been engineered solely to maximize 5 axis machining efficiency.  Highly dynamic axis design enables the N516 to achieve extremely high precision while obtaining an exceptional surface finish. Equipped with the E580H control NURBS calculations are made using the machine coordinate system instead of the work piece coordinate system thus achieving direct kinematic axis control. This allows the N516 to utilize extraordinary axis speeds though a variety of complex geometric shapes. Test Drive One Today!

The Latest version of TS85-C
Incorporates the newest strategies in finish and rough machining.  Effective Federate Calculation applies the selected cutting speed directly on the tool cutting point rather than the NC coordinate point.  This results in quicker machining times and greater cutting tool life.  The combination of Effective Feedrate Calculation with TS85’s Super Finishing Program has the ability to reduce machining and polishing times up to 48%. The new 4 Axes Turn Milling roughing cycles utilize the entire face of the cutter allowing for maximum material removal rate.


The MY Series
C.B. Ferrari’s  5 axis Conformance Polishing / Grinding machine.  The MY series has the  ability to scan up to 3000 points per second and a repeatability of 0.002mm (0.00008”).  The MY will quickly prove to be the most cost effective machine in your facility. The extremely fast laser allows for sufficient time to pre measure, best fit , and  final inspect your parts. 

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